£5 Silver Proof History of Great Britain (In Progress) - Scientific Innovation

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A Portrait of Issac Newton

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Issued - Gibraltar

Year - 2009

Metal - SIlver

Fineness - 925/1000

Diameter - 38.61mm

Denomination - £5

Weight - 28.28g

Shape - Round


Following on from the successful 2008 History of Great Britain collection, a further twelve coins were issued. Each coin continues to trace the rich and colourful history of the British Isles. The collection has been inspired by a 'schoolboy history' of the major events and people that have shaped the British Isles as they are today.

Science and technology in the United Kingdom has a long history, producing many important figures and developments in the field. Major theorists from the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland include Isaac Newton whose laws of motion and illumination of gravity have been seen as a keystone of modern science and Charles Darwin whose theory of evolution by natural selection was fundamental to the development of modern biology.

Major scientific discoveries include hydrogen by Henry Cavendish, penicillin by Alexander Fleming, and the structure of DNA, by Francis Crick and others. Major engineering projects and applications pursued by people from the United Kingdom include the steam locomotive developed by Richard Trevithick and Andrew Vivian, the jet engine by Frank Whittle and the World Wide Web by Tim Berners-Lee.

The United Kingdom continues to play a major role in the development of science and technology and major technological sectors include the aerospace, motor and pharmaceutical industries.

£5 Silver Proof History of Great Britain (In Progress) - Scientific Innovation